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How can we help with your men's ministry?

  • Retreats – If you are interested in our ministry team leading a retreat for your men, please contact: Matt Dealy at 719-577-7777 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              719-577-7777      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 3, or send him an email at  Please read more about our retreats by clicking here.


  • Symbols and logos – The sword-shaped celtic cross is a symbol that represents an invitation into a better story: a “no matter the cost” decision to follow Christ. We use the symbol in conjunction with our rings, other jewelry, our retreats, clothing, and our teaching materials. Just like early Christians used the sign of the fish as a symbol to know who they could depend on during the intense times of persecution and battle, this symbol serves the same purpose. Unfortunately, the sign of the fish and the basic cross symbol (that have been used by Christians for centuries) have been diluted through the years. Our symbols are protected under US Federal Trademark and Copyright laws (together with intellectual property treaties in other countries throughout the world).  We are utilizing the laws to protect these symbols from being diluted by the world.  Our symbols are being used to unite the clans for the causes of Christ.  And by having an authorized representative of your church sign our "Band of Brothers' Church Partnership Agreement," your church is licensed to utilize our symbols pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.  The Agreement can be downloaded from the previous page...

  • Online Community - We offer an online community at that can be utilized by the men in your church.   We allow your church to create a "Platoon" for your men so that they can keep up with men's events at your church and they can communicate with other men in your church in honest and real dialogue.  They also can communicate with other "sold out" men involved in this ministry who are located across the world.  We also have a platoon for all the leaders of the men's ministries at each church.  The goal of this platoon is for the leaders to share ideas regarding how to create a vibrant men's ministry in churches.  Again, this service is free for all churches who sign our Church Partnership Agreement


  • Content – There is a lot of written content on this website describing the Battle, the need for Brotherhood, and God’s ultimate victory. These are materials that can be used to encourage men to become Christ-like leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.  This content can be licensed for your Church's use by signing the above Agreement.


  • The Ring – The Band of Brothers Ring is a gift used to call out men to live a "no matter the cost" relationship with Christ in authentic community with other men.  It is used to symbolically invite other men into a better story than the one they are living. It is a way to invite men to live a better story - a "no matter the cost" relationship with Christ our King.  It also invites men into a Jonathan/David relationship of authentic brotherhood.  Most men have never been taught how to communicate such a God-given desire of real brotherhood in a manly way. 

    The rings come with gift-cards to train men with examples of words to say to call out other men. The rings then can be used by the recipients of the rings to make a covenant with God to engage as true disciples of Christ – "no matter the cost." The ring then serves as a monument to remember their covenant with God.  Read more about The Band of Brothers' Ring.

  • Small Group Study Guides -  We offer small group guidebooks which supplement and extend the material covered at the retreat. This helps keep the momentum from the retreat and to provide a platform so that the men can begin sharing their stories and battles in the context of a small group of men.  These materials also can be utilized even for men who have never attended one of our retreats.
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  • Promotional Posters – The Band of Brothers’ posters are a great way to promote a grass-roots “movement” of Christ in your church. Yes, “Aslan is on the move!” By placing these posters throughout your church facility, it can help build a curiosity in the men about what is going on – and an excitement about getting involved. The symbolism of the poster can help explain the men’s movement that is happening in your church.
  • Merchandise – We also offer various merchandize utilizing the symbol (e.g. t-shirts, hats, gifts to sons and wives, etc.). Church Partners can co-brand T-shirts for your next Band of Brothers event. This is a great way to create a sense of community and brotherhood in your church men’s movement.  To visit our online store to see more of our merchandize, click here.
  • Rites of Passage for Sons and Daughters – We desire to help fathers initiate and bless their children through a “Rite of Passage” ceremony. Our children are becoming men and women who will be the next generation of “no matter the cost” followers of Christ. We currently have materials to assist a father in blessing and commissioning his sons and daughters. For more information, click here.

Please allow us to assist your church in creating a vibrant and powerful men's ministry!

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We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers. ~Henry V

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